We provide funds to LCMS congregations throughout Texas to build or expand churches and schools. Our friendly staff can help your congregation get a loan with a competitive low interest rate. You can download an application today. You can find links below.

To get started, contact our Executive Director, Stephen Block, at 888-951-1233 ext 249 or 512-646-1235 or at Block@TexasCEF.org



Self-Supporting Congregations

Loans smaller than $250,000 can be approved in 72 hours or less after receipt of:

A complete loan application is required for larger construction projects and other loans larger than $250,000. These loan requests are approved by the Board for Church Extension.

Loans for Missions

The Texas Board of Mission Administration and Church Extension Fund of our District identifies areas ripe for harvest and opens new mission stations, Church Extension is there to make available the funds needed to provide land and facilities where the Gospel can be preached and taught.

Other Loans

Texas CEF makes loans to congregations for a variety of other purposes, including:

For more information, contact us. Or download an application now.


Current Rates

CEF strives to keep our loan rates as low as possible for the benefit of our borrowing congregations. We have a strong track record of rates that are competitive with banks and other lenders, and often lower. Read about our rebates for ways you can help make your congregation's loan rate even lower.

Self-Supporting Congregations 3.00%
Newly Formed Congregations* 2.25%
*This index is available during the
first six years of a congregation's loan.

Our Loan Rate History

Loan Rate History Graph

Download our Loan Rate History (PDF)



A Partnership Between Congregations, Members & CEF

Supporting investments from individuals, congregations and other entities provide the funds for CEF to make loans to congregations. Each investor may designate a congregation to receive credit for their invested dollars. Investments are not pledged for any congregation's CEF loan.

The level of supporting investments is one indication of the strength of the partnership between CEF and the borrowing ministry. The stronger the level of partnership, the better for each partner.

Because investments are important to its ongoing ministry, CEF has established economic incentives to recognize the level of support and partnership. Rebates are available based on your congregation's ratio of investments to unpaid loan balance.

For more information, download our Supporting Investments Publication (PDF) or contact us.


Loan Calculator

Texas CEF loans can have terms up to 30 years. Our loans are 3-year Adjustable Rate Loans (ARM). The rate and payment amount are subject to change every three years. The payment calculated with this tool will be for the first three years.

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Important Forms and Publications for Borrowers

Click on one of the forms below to download it. Our typeable forms can be filled out using a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader. Print, sign, and mail completed forms to us at:

Texas CEF
7900 East Highway 290
Austin, TX 78724-2499

Click here for a complete list of forms.


My Texas CEF

My Texas CEF is a free secure online service in which investors and borrowers can quickly access Texas CEF investment and loan information, as well as request transactions.

My Texas CEF promotes the good stewardship of resources. By using this financial service, you help us reduce administrative costs, which in turn allow us to keep loan rates to churches as low as possible. Enjoy the ease and convenience of accessing your Texas CEF investment information—anywhere you have Internet access!

Enroll Now

Individual investors may enroll online by visiting My Texas CEF's enrollment page or by completing the Individual Enrollment Form. Congregations and organizations must complete the Organization Enrollment Form to apply for online access. Mail the completed form to:
7900 E Hwy 290, Austin, TX 78724

If you mail your request for online access, you will receive information welcoming you to My Texas CEF within seven days after Texas CEF receives your request form. At that time, you will receive your My Texas CEF user name and temporary password by email.

Click here for complete information about My Texas CEF.